ACT Driving School Canberra

Lesson & Test Car Hire

Best Car Drive School in Canberra One-Off Assessment
  • Pick-up prior to test start time
  • Pre-test warm up and lesson
  • Use of instructors vehicle to sit the test
  • Drop-off after the test 

Program Overview

The Driving Test could be a very critical time for learner drivers, we understand that getting your licence a very enormous occasion and we point to create beyond any doubt you’re prepared for the test. The student can be very nervous on this day and our instructor calm the nerves of the learner to prepare them for the test, both physically and mentally. 

Some learners choose to take the test in their parent’s or friend’s car or the car they have been learning in for long and are familiar with. Many choose their driving instructor’s car to attempt the test which has many benefits  


  • The pre-test time allows the instructor to prepare the learner psychologically. 
  • The learner gets the opportunity to get our instructor’s expert advice on any driving related questions. 
  • If your car is not roadworthy, you won’t be allowed to sit for a driving test. Our cars undergo regular inspections, and we make sure that our vehicles are roadworthy. 
  • The examiner is more relaxed as they have access to the dual controls and as a result, they communicate their instructions effectively. Moreover, our cars are comprehensively insured as well. 
  • Pass rates are higher when the test is attempted in driving instructor’s car. 
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