ACT Driving School Canberra

Competency Method

Complete a competency based training course with a qualified driving instructor, who will assess your competency in a series of practical driving sessions

Car Driving School Canberra Competency Method

Program Overview

Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) is more commonly known as the log book method.

This process allows you to naturally progress and build your skills at your own pace. ACT Driving School’s qualified and supportive driving instructors help you develop skills by identifying gaps and working to achieve the best outcomes.

As you successfully complete each of the 23 required tasks, this will be recorded, your instructor will sign off each competency until all Competencies are completed. The CBT&A or commonly know as logbook method allows you to learn at your own pace without a test deadline.

 Your instructor will assess:

  • your knowledge of how to operate your car
  • your ability to complete some slow speed moves like parking
  • your ability to drive in busy traffic and at higher speeds
  • your observation skills
  • your ability to deal with hazards
  • your attitude to driving and to other road users 


Upon successful completion of all these tasks, you’ll be issued with a Certificate of Competency and you will be ready to get your provisional license.

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