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Logbook Completion

Learn Car Driving Canberra Logbook Completion
  • 100 hours of driving (including 10 hours at night)
  • Accredited Driving Instructor’s 1 hour is considered as 3 hours in your Logbook 
  • Supervising Driver should have full ACT driver’s licence
  • Any Friend or Family member can also be your supervising driver


To obtain your ACT Learner’s licence you have to get ready for the road, complete a 2 day ACT Pre-Learner license course and go to one of their centres and take the test. If you pass the test you will be provided with a certificate and you can take it to Access Canberra and a ACT Learner Driver Licence and  Logbook will be issued to you. 

If you were under the age of 25 when issues a Learner Licence, you must record at least 100 hours (including 10 hours at night) and hold your Learner Licence for 12 months to meet mandatory requirements.

If you were aged 25 or over when issued a Learner Licence, you must complete a minimum 50 hours driving practice (including 5 hours at night) and hold your Learner Licence for 6 months to meet mandatory requirements. 

After obtaining a Logbook, anyone in your family and friends can help you being a supervising driver and you can complete your Logbook. However, if you choose to fill up your logbook while taking driving lessons, one hour of an accredited driver is equal to 3 hours of your supervising driver, you can complete your Logbook very easily and quickly while learning how to drive at ACT driving school.

ACT driving school makes sure that you get to know each and every bit mentioned in the Logbook and makes you ready for your drive test.

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