Learning to drive a car is just more than it seems, it is about overcoming your road fears, understanding the dimensions of driving in the ways with driving lessons canberra. So before choosing any driving school, one thing that you need to consider is the reliability, efficiency of instructors.

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Here at driving lessons canberra, we have provision to offer classes 7 days a week. Students can choose the time slot when they feel convenient and book the class with us. We do not mind rescheduling the class also, but it should be before 24 hours of the next class aligned. We welcome all age group students, from all backgrounds and no gender barriers are involved.

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We adhere to all the driving rules and we conduct right classes and we teach basics to our students and they learn with us and they try to adopt the learning in actual while passing the test, we believe that road safety is of paramount importance and once can’t ignore this and we provide the best facility to our students and they learn driving with us from the most trained and expert staff that we have and they are always there for them and in their service on regular basis with driving lessons canberra and with higher dedication.

We have opted for the finest safety mechanism while learning to drive a car because it involves the chances of risk, but our instructors, who are well trained to handle even the hardest and unseen emergency situations, make sure students are safe with us. Formal feedback adds to their learning process. Cars that are used to teach are checked before each session to ensure it is safe and does not need any repair.

At driving lessons canberra, we opt for all precautions regarding COVID 19 and sanitize the car before use. Our instructors also take it seriously, hence face masks are essential for everyone attending the session. Our training covers both practical skills to be a safe driver, but more importantly the correct attitude for driving.

After completing the course with us, the student is super confident that he can pass any driving test easily, and does not feel nervous when asked to drive single-handedly. All the credit goes to our team at driving lessons canberra, our trained instructors who hold the experience to cater to any kind of student, whether the student is totally new to car driving or just enrolled to polish the driving skills. We believe students learn efficiently, if they are comfortable, thus we make sure to take constructive feedback from them. If a student feels like changing the instructor, we do not mind providing the new teacher. But we are happy to say, there has never been a single chance when any student has demanded a new instructor from us.

Choose driving lessons canberra, for the most reliable and result-oriented services. We truly care about how our students drive. We opt for the best safety mechanism, to ensure safety is not compromised at any cost. From start to end we understand the responsibility and respect the expectations students have from us.